Demos for 2012

by Doc Pickles

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Whenever I complete a demo I'll save it here for easy access for future collaborators. You are welcome to download any or all of these tracks for free, though I'm not sure why you'd want to.


released January 19, 2012

by doc pickles



all rights reserved


Doc Pickles Toronto, Ontario

Doc Pickles lives in Toronto and is cofounder and regular emcee of Wavelength Music & Arts Projects.

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Track Name: Call the Green Ketchup
Call the green ketchup, places and names you don't know where you came on to. Write your name in green, mix it with vinegar and sugar and then we do, write your name in green, will you write your name in green?

Call the green ketchup places and names and the places you've been to they don't sing to you. Identify yourself in green, green, call the green ketchup.

Everything about your name don't blame it on me transfer it on to your mother, just how each mother becomes a bit psychic when she picks your name to write it out in green, write it out in green. You don't know it's true.

Blow the big enforcer take it out back and then do what you can to provoke your name, provoke your name, call the green ketchup it knows your name, make a squeeze tube for you, make a squeeze tube for you.

So what's in a name? So what's in a name? It's you, it's you, it's you, it's you... are you sure you spelled it right?
Track Name: Mason Hornet - vox by Doc Pickles - Big in France
Big in France can't garner happenstance when you got better things to do with your hands - drink wine with every meal that's how they stomach Jerry Lewis - you say you wanna? Now you want to be the big man in France, first you should hire somebody to dance while you sing.

Got big in German bars cos they related when you talked to your car, found refuge on the beach cos we're all suckers for the silicone charms. Course if it don't work out well there's always Japan.

"Yeah baby David Hasselhoff ready to rock you all down with a new brand of Europop and I'm here to tell you kids if you pull a jack move on me I'll kick you square in the ass cos it's not cool to do grass man cos you gotta be true to yourself. And don't drive drunk."

Then when the curtain falls we'll reminisce about your physical charms. Force fed the kids gateau to get a bigger slice of the tarte. Course if it don't well there's always Japan, do you understand?
Track Name: Running Rosa
Look at you you're pacing you're like some cased in animal you've gone through your rearranging but you're not glowing anymore cos you're running rosa you're stretching rosa you're talking rosa yeah but smoking out your brains won't change things not one bit I'm glad to see you're fighting rosa there's nothing wrong with fighting but if you don't know what you're fighting for then just give up. Yes you're stretching rosa you're fetchng rosa you're fetching rosa here's hoping your new hairstyle symbolizes what you think don't fall for expectations rosa cos I believe you've so much more to say than they do rosa.
Track Name: Ask a River (demo for JSJs March 4 2012)
Ask a River

If you weren’t going to ask her you should have asked somebody under starlight in shadows when gold is all around. I begin to wonder, to surmise, I begin my waiting, will you arrive?

So long it’s a long goodbye, birds are gone and I’m a sinner but the colours won’t all shine around me and I’m trembling for just one last first kiss. Back in the moss can’t even be quiet, would the ship sail, sun to my back? Get back upland, drain out the tank.

If you were going to ask me you should have asked somebody, if I could never live quietly it’s cos I’m a river under starlight asking not a thing and going where it goes.
Track Name: Apex (demo for JSJs March 4 2012)

Women in love, living wise, oh we’re still souls, sitting in our apexes every day in every way in every way

and it’s fine, we’re fools, playgrounders, pretenders pretenders, sometimes the crow caws and sometimes we listen and sometimes we hear it and sometimes we answer.

An apex been deferred, confounded by a sinking ship, a stone being skipped in a pool, and sometimes the crow caws and sometimes we listen and sometimes we hear it and sometimes we answer.

Will someone tell our stories, and say it ended well, and we found out, and we sailed over seas of stellar canopies over soils and trees to our destinies?
Track Name: This is Good
This is Good

Spun around it was hot but the air burned off
I got real cool when the sun was out
got in so close I barely spun around
but instead spun around the sun

When we look up we look away from the light
turns us up and we see so much more when it's night
but nothing but darkness makes a stool of a soul
fit for toads but nothing for things to grow

So we venture out under searing flames
nothing grows us along like pain
but why the such-long face?
it's not all bad you can't grow without pain yeah it's good this is good

This is good this is good this is good
and you know how the rest of it's good ...

You're often feeling late there were days you'd hesitate
without the dash the hurts you've been they lead you to hesitate
there was a time when you would measure out your days
but one day you found that you couldn't slow the pace

and now you're Mercury

it could be worse
you could be on it
you could be a comet
oh how they blaze as they vent away

This is good this is good this is good
and you know how the rest of it's good ...